Three Creative Ways to Retain Your Residents.

Ways to Retain Your Residents

When it comes to housing, there is always competition. There is the competition of price, location and other basic amenities and benefits. As a landlord, retaining high quality residents is something that you really want to do especially, because they simply give you no issues at all. This is the reason why you need to come up with ways to retain the loyalty of your residents. To achieve this, you do not have to necessarily go the costly route to retain your residents especially, if you cannot afford to; you can however, be creative in providing incentives to compel your residents to stay. Here are 3 creative and cost effective ways to retain your residents.

a Sense of Community

sense of home and community is a much overlooked factor however, it is a rather
sentimental and welcome one. This is especially so for families and residents
of the same or similar age grades and interests. Many apartments can come
across as cold, and having that sense of community will bring out the warmth
and friendliness in even the most reserved resident. This can be achieved by
organizing or, encouraging community based events or hangouts for the
residents. It does not have to be anything major or fancy; it could be as
simple as a potluck picnic in the general park or yard.

Resident Conveniences

in today’s world is something that is highly sought after and is greatly
appreciated. Making things convenient for your renters is something that would
go a long way towards securing their loyalty. For instance; instead of having
to drop off their checks, they could simply pay online; or instead of waiting
until you come around to make any complaints or having to call endlessly, you
can have an online maintenance or complaint system specifically for that, as
well as, prompt follow ups.

Be Warm
and Engaging

Asides from being a landlord, it pays to be warm, friendly and engaging with your renters. This attitude helps them to feel open towards you and would go further to solidify their loyalty to you. This opportunity could also help you to find out what more they would like from you, as a landlord to offer them; in terms of benefits and amenities. You can use this information to further improve your property.

If you are thinking of how to retain your residents, before you think of breaking out the big guns, you may want to try these 3 and see just how well this works for you.