Screening A Tenant Is Important Before Renting Your Property

Why Screening A Prospective Tenant Is Important Before Renting Your Property

Tenant screening is a very important procedure to be carried out before renting your property. With stories about horrible tenants everywhere, the main precautionary measure to take would be to screen your prospective tenant.  Anyone can come to you acting like the best tenant the world has ever seen; you can only judge if they would end up as a good tenant by conducting a thorough screening.

Bad tenants are the most terrible thing that can happen to a landlord and his property. They are notorious for causing problems for property owners and damages to the rented properties. As a landlord, it is important that you properly screen your prospective tenant. A proper screening includes income verification, employment status confirmation, criminal checks, eviction history, credit checks, and background checks. All these are what helps to you know if your renter turns out to be a good tenant. The following are the important reasons you should screen your prospective tenant :

  • Tenant screening ensures that your property is in good hands. The maintenance and wellness of your property depend on your tenant. You should utilize tenant screening to protect your property and reduce liability. A tenant with a screening report that is free of violence, property damage or any criminal history is sure to keep your property in good condition. A tenant with criminal history and a not-so-great screening report, on the other hand, may end up damaging your property which may cause you extra expenses on repairs or replacement.
  • Screening a prospective tenant earns you peace of mind. You get to enjoy sound sleep without having to bother about your property being in the wrong hands.
  • To prevent cases of unpaid rent, you need to conduct tenant screening. A screening report would normally contain the credit score of a renter. One of the ways to judge if a person would be a good tenant is through their credit score. A high credit score means the renter is financially capable of paying up their rent without stressing the landlord.

Tenants with good credit scores pay up their dues willingly without been reminded by the landlord.

  • Tenant screening helps to safeguard the neighborhood. A tenant with criminal history may end up as a threat to the peace of the neighborhood. Not conducting a tenant screening means you are putting your property and the neighborhood at risk.