About RentAware

Introducing the best property management software that will exceed your expectations. We understand that managing properties isn’t just about finding the right property, but finding the right property for you. So if you’re looking for an automated property management software, then contact RentAware today.

RentAware is not an overnight dream but a vision, and many years of dedicated work to creating a valuable suite of tools.  It’s all due to our experience and passion for serving businesses and individuals with the right solution to manage large apartments and buildings. We perfectly balance efficiency & simplicity, while elevating security, work-flows, and controls across various types of users, departments and business partners.

Our Team

RentAware is comprised of efficient property management professionals with years of experience in their field within real estate. Our team has a strong and impressive record in a growing technology through innovation. They are the technical experts who get the most out of the amazing technological advances and high capabilities to bring optimal solutions. In simple words, we provide programs that assist businesses in all aspect of property management, with the interactive and easy-to-use interface which is intuitive and clear.

Our Vision

We work to provide businesses with a powerful and amazing suite of tools that will exceed your business needs allowing you the most success in the property management field.

Our Vision

RentAware was created from a basic client need to manage an online portfolio of properties.  While working with some of the top property management offices around the nation, we found that one of the biggest request was automation and organization.

Why Choose RentAware?

  • Proven experience
  • Innovative Technology
  • Easy-to-use solutions
  • 24/7 customer support


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